The Three Amigos

3 amigos by minds in tech

Having found that many companies suffer from the premature project syndrome. Minds in tech has teamed up with the three amigos to deliver, a fail through recipe that enables companies trust the implementation of solutions by consultancy firms. Its common place to have have consultancy firms come into an organisation, deliver a solution and leave the company. This sometimes comes with its advantages, but it sometimes means the company can be adversely affected especially if the consultancy firm leaves with all the expertise which were essential to the project.

This is where the 3 amigos solution comes in handy, to aid the handover process, but for a lengthy and healthy period. Which allows the given company enough time to learn the management of the solution and also builds confidence with the company to hire minds in tech as an I.T. consultancy firm that actually cares about the process after delivery using agile principles such as scrum, kanban and less traiditional methods. The 3 amigos help with the hand holding sessions, and once the confidence levels of the company is up, then only can they say their work is done. The beauty of it all is that this does not come at an added cost to the company, as minds in tech views it as a value added service, rather than a resource cost. They usually start their service provision by discovery sessions which seek to find the problem areas with possible solutions that could be applied in conjunction with the company, or independently of the 3 amigos.

The 3 amigos the best thing that has happened to the consultancy industry.