With Agility

Leveraging proprietary methodologies. We deliver using the agile process, design thinking and advanced analytics to quickly and creatively solve the most complex business challenges

Providing Solutions, that cut across industries.

Providing you with access to over 9,000 top technology consultants working across 40 industries who can apply their specific skills and experiences to your unique industry challenges.

How we do it.

Our tech team provides services that will help transform your business through the management and implementation of new apps, platforms, and architecture. Starting off with FREE discovery sessions, we’ll partner with you to determine the right combination of technologies for your business—from the tech that exists today to the emerging tech of tomorrow.

“We partner and collaborate with leading brands across a range of sectors, empowering teams to create new and exciting solutions to a wide range of digital platforms”.

Our Core Offerings

Knowledge is an ever growing sphere. With Minds in Tech, we focus on innovation and continue to improve our teams, thus improving our service offerings. Need a solution we havent listed, select the contact us option below.

Agile Transformation

With Delivery at the heart of what we offer. Digital transformation comes as a known bonus to what we offer. We help organisations and teams realise their potential in a digital world.

Product Development

Working all levels of teams across the organisation either in waterfall or agile environments, product management and development involves planning and strategy to ensure return on investment.

Digital Transformation

From the fact finding stages, to the ideation stage, we work to provide your organisation with the tools to excel in the digital space. From Product backlog alignments, mapping and service/support provisions.

Discovery Sessions

Discovery Session like none other, which comes at no cost to your organisation. We work with your organisation on the initial fact finding stage and then suggest solutions which could be implemented.

Agile Coaching & Training

We provide organisations with people-centred support for change. Providing on-the-job, practical and in-context coaching, transfoming the current state of the company and building confidence.

Consulting B2B/B2C

Providing a fully immersive service, unlike no other. From Agile coaching, transformation, implementation, product and project initiation, development, testing and a reliable delivery solution.

“A packaged service offering, involves great knowledge transfer, where the organisation is able to function effectively even after delivery”.


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